08 June 2013

Protect the King

ADF&G: based on preseason outlook, the 2013 Kenai River early-run of king salmon is expected to be very low.

There are, in fact, just 343 kings in the river right now.

Emergency orders on the Kenai peninsula, for both the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers are out in an attempt to protect the early-run kings which have been low in recent years.  This comes on the heals of last season, where many guides and fishers saw their season ended weeks after it had begun, due to historically tragic number.  Fishing for kings is still allowed, but is it moral?

My first Kenai King.  I'm afraid it won't be topped

The new regulations prohibit the retention of any king between 20" and 55".  This one here came it at about 54", and within the 2011 slot limit regulations prohibiting retention.  I'm not interested in keeping fish that size.

Wild Kasilof King

The Kasilof has an emergency order prohibiting the take of any native fish greater than 20", down from  retention of 10 jacks per day and 2 greater than 20" with natives allowed just three days per week.

The good news is that the sockeye are expected to have another strong year, and if last year was any indication they are just days away from hitting the Russian River weir and are probably already stacked in Power Lines and Guardrail.

Current Kenai King Counts:

Current Russian River Sockeye Counts:

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