10 November 2011

Sea's Bounty

There are some strange fish in the markets.  These are from the biggest market on the island. In smaller towns you find more reef fish and less blue water species, but it appears that around here all fish are created equal.

08 November 2011

An Entirely Synthetic Fish

A tremendous undertaking by Anders has resulted in a tremendous read and transfer of knowledge.  This book details the history, politics, biology and chance that have established the Rainbow Trout as the premier catch around the world, with the Rocky Mountain west as it's epicenter.  The likes of only corn and livestock have benefited so much from human involvement in their biology, and whether it's for the better has yet to be determined.

This book puts into perspective a seemingly simply activity as an immense layer-cake of reason, ignorance, zeal, and happenstance.  It is well worth your time off the water.  You are less ignorant and perhaps less blissful after.