12 June 2013

Big M@*%$& F!($*%# Jungle Fish

I got my hands on this film a few weeks ago and popped it in the other night.  I'm not one for straight up fish porn F3T style.  Most of Felt Sole works for me, partly because I live according to patagonia (despite not sponsoring the film, patagonia has a strong brand presence throughout Jungle Fish).  Beattie Productions has unreal footage and puts out good stuff, but once you've seen one it doesn't get off the shelf much.
Costa has done a good job with this film, the cast, the story, and the fish.  It delivers that holy shit moment while telling a story of pioneering an industry and creating a beacon for rural communities and sustainable development.

Give it a look-see:


"JUNGLE FISH" presented by Costa Films

For decades, the native peoples of Guyana have struggled for economic independence. But hope might be prowling in Guyana's rivers in the form of the largest freshwater fish in the world, the arapaima.  Follow three expert fishermen as they undertake a two-week voyage deep into the heart of Guyana's rain forest. Their mission:  to demonstrate that the arapaima can be caught with a fly rod.  If they succeed, it will prove that the country's fledgling sport fishing industry is viable.  And that will mean a brighter future for the native peoples, the rain forest they call home – and the endangered arapaima itself.
29 Minutes Running Time

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