18 April 2012

No more broken legs

So last summer, while wearing rubber-soled boots, forging a creek to retrieve the umpteenth fly a friend snagged on a rock, I broke my leg.  This led to x-rays in Seward then surgery in Anchorage two days later.  I have a plate a screws to show for it... see HERE.

Patagonia has taken a page out of the mountaineers handbook with this nifty piece.  Something I'm including in my next order.

Why, because they're awesome.  You can take them off (which is great if you spend any time in boats).  They're not studs so they won't rip stuff up when you step in the wrong spot, and hopefully they'll save my legs. I'm completely convinced, they are one more piece of gear to keep track of, put on and take off, and actually seem a little unstable.  But I trust Chouinard

Yvon Chuinard is a blacksmith by trade, and this came right from his workshop.

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